Songket Shawl – Hibiscus Songket

INR 45,408

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A very intricate piece of Malay songket silk shawl. Songket weaving has been widely practiced in the Malay community in Malaysia for many generations. Unlike traditional geometric patterns, this piece has complex artistry as the design is organic. It took 3 months from the design, dyeing and weaving to complete this truly unique piece. This is a limited edition piece that has been designed by Earth Heir, only two pieces are available in this design and colour. For a truly Malaysian gift that is also ethical, this is it.

Our songket piece is made by a group of young Malaysian weavers in Sarawak, who are given housing, health care and a monthly salary. As the art of weaving is in decline with the younger generations around the world, contributing to the training of young women in this dying skill is of paramount interest to Earth Heir. An historical heritage is preserved.

Measurements: 30cm width X 200cm length

Shipped By : Earth Heir
Ships From : Malaysia
Ships In : 10 Days
Custom Fee may be charged upon arrival

EARTH HEIR is a luxury craftsmanship company from Cambodia, with an exquisite collection of handcrafted fashion, and home accessories. Each piece weaves a human story, made lovingly by master craftsperson carrying the disappearing traditions of their forebears.  They use natural fibers, upcycled materials and ecofriendly dyes to craft their unique products. Earth Heir return 10% of their revenue to charities supporting trafficking survivors and plant two trees for every scarf purchased.

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