Soft Briefcase

INR 25,000

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Made by combining our signature decommissioned firehose with reclaimed printing blankets, this piece also has a reclaimed military-grade parachute silk lining. This is our first creation to incorporate printing blankets, a raw material that we have been developing for some time. It is a perfect business bag, with a padded pocket for a 13″ laptop and plenty of room for chargers, documents and any other essentials.
Dimensions: 40cm x 33cm x 9.5cm


Shipped By : Elvis & Kresse
Ships From : United Kingdom
Ships In : 10 Days
Custom Fee may be charged upon arrival

"ELVIS & KRESSE was established to save London's decommissioned firehoses. It had the vision, the design understanding and access to skilled craftspeople to introduce unique fashion accessories & bags made by upcyclingfirehoses from all around United Kingdom. The company donates 50% of its profits to The Fire Fighters Charity. "

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