QUILLA Earrings

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These intricately-laced earrings are based on the nose rings of the pre-Columbian Quillacinga tribe, a highly spiritual indigenous group in southern Colombia. Featuring polished edges and delicate curves, this tasteful set pays tribute to “Children of the Moon” as they called themselves with a timeless celestial shape.
Dimensions: ø 2.3 cm, width 0.5 cm Gold Carat: 18ct Color: Light Yellow Weight (pair): 4.3 grams


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AMALENA specializes in ethical and eco-friendly gold jewelry. It designs timeless handcrafted pieces in 18ct Eco-Gold, which is extracted from mines, nestled in the Columbian mountains. The gold is mined in fair, healthy and sustainable working conditions, without the use of mercury, cyanide or any other hazardous chemicals. Amalena encourages local female goldsmiths to create unique pieces that honor their heritage and conserve their traditional craftsmanship.

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