Naomi Snood

INR 13,200

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Infusing Scottish heritage with Pakistani culture, our artisans have combined ancient techniques to create the chic Naomi snood. Hand-dying skills passed down through generations of Lahorean hand dyers have been used to create unique diamond shaped ivory motifs onto 100% silk Prussian blue plush velvet. The Naomi snood embodies Ala Mairi’s artistic and ethical values – to foster and create internationally inspired wearable fashion, all while supporting independent artisans at home and abroad.

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An Ala Mairi creation connects luxury design and craftsmanship. It closely works to empowers women in Pakistan and Scotland and conserve their rich traditions. Ala Mairi brings to the fore the heritage of their diverse and complementary cultures in delightfully unexpected ways. Their artisans lie in the heart and soul of their vision. Ala Mairi operates Women Welfare centers in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, where women can learn traditional and intricate hand embroidery and sewing skills.

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