Jude Scarf

INR 14,900

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Made from 100% crepe silk, with cool and seductive hues of slate moonstone blue, the Jude scarf is the epitome of effortless chic. Using handlooms, our Scottish artisans have selected and woven yarns of cream, blue and coral to create embroidered panels of refined diamond shapes. Our talented women in Rawalpindi welfare centers have delicately sewn the hem of each panel by hand. The tips of the scarf have been dip dyed in hues of coral rose by our dyers in Pakistan, infusing this piece with an additional element of cool.

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An Ala Mairi creation connects luxury design and craftsmanship. It closely works to empowers women in Pakistan and Scotland and conserve their rich traditions. Ala Mairi brings to the fore the heritage of their diverse and complementary cultures in delightfully unexpected ways. Their artisans lie in the heart and soul of their vision. Ala Mairi operates Women Welfare centers in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, where women can learn traditional and intricate hand embroidery and sewing skills.

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