Gold Fedele Gem Ring

INR 108,570

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Mystic meaning of this collection: Loyalty

18 carat gold (750/1000) ring originally linked to the wish of wealth and prosperity. The decoration is inspired by the ears of corns.

The band is 9 mm wide and includes rubies, emeralds and sapphires 0.25 carat.  Available in any ring size.  The bracelet comes with a classy white wooden box and a carrier bag which makes it ideal for presents.  Also included is a certificate of authenticity.

The art of filigree consists of tightly intertwine threads of gold or silver to create a ridged pattern. This intertwined thread is then formed into various circular, harmonious shapes which are soldered together to create a larger piece. Hand crafted filigree requires hours of concentration. Despite being a specialized skill for the modern jeweller that might be considered too time consuming and labour intensive to tackle, in ancient times it was part of the repertoire of skills of every jeweller.  KOKKU aims to preserve traditional filigree techniques passed through generations for centuries in Sardinia (Italy).  Each piece is guaranteed to be made with endless patience and composure and entirely by hand only using traditional metalwork techniques which were brought to Sardinia by the Phoenicians almost 4000 years ago.  This technique is between the most difficult and time consuming however by far the best to reach the level of intricacy and precision that our pieces reflect.  We associate each collection with a mystic meaning as historically each design would have been gifted to mark specific milestones in people’s lives.


Shipped By : Kokku
Ships From : United Kingdom
Ships In : 2-5 weeks Days
Custom Fee may be charged upon arrival

KOKKU, is a UK based luxury brand, that pledges to conserve the craft and legacy of Filigree jewelry from Sardinia that goes back to 1000 BC. It supports Sardinian artisans to continue to craft masterpieces using recycled gold and other sustainable production methods.

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