Elephants & Women: #SaveElephants

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It is said that an elephant never forgets. With their brain weighing upto 5 kg, they are known to have very strong visual and olfactory memory, allowing them to have higher chances of survival and express emotional intelligence. Elephants are capable of a range of emotions including joy, playfulness, grief and mourning. Elephants receive a burial ceremony by the members of their herd; a ceremony that includes deep rumbling while the dead body is touched and caressed by the herd member’s trunks. Elephants are so compassionate and loving that a deceased elephant reduced to skeletons is also paid respect by the passing herd. #SaveElephants #SayNoToIvory

Shipped By : Kaizen
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Kaizen is a local Indian brand, founded to create awareness about the socio environmental world problems among the youth. We create unique designs on t-shirts and merchandise, allowing our customers to choose the cause they support. The vision is to build an ethical community of like minded people to make a peaceful world.

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