Cruella de Vil #CrueltyFreeFashion

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More than 45 million animals including rabbits, mink, chinchillas, foxes, dogs, raccoons are raised in cages and violently killed each year for their fur. At least 55 wild mink, 35 ranched mink, 18 red foxes, 30 rabbits, 27 raccons, 25 skunks and 100 chinchillas must be killed to make ONE fur coat. #SayNoToFur #SwitchToFaux

Shipped By : Kaizen
Ships From : India
Ships In : within 1-2 days Days

Kaizen is a local Indian brand, founded to create awareness about the socio environmental world problems among the youth. We create unique designs on t-shirts and merchandise, allowing our customers to choose the cause they support. The vision is to build an ethical community of like minded people to make a peaceful world.

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