Cotton Scarf – Yellow Ribbon Stripes

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Our Alam Warna Series of scarves uses only natural plant based dyes on hand-woven cotton or cotton-silk. With this line of scarves, we seek a return to simpler processes to add color to fabrics with pigments that are safe for your skin and the planet. Our Alam Warna series is especially recommended for babies and children since it is safe for their delicate skin and anyone with irritated skin.

Earth Heir uses traditionally hand spun and hand woven cotton to create our Yellow Ribbon Stripes scarf. Once woven, our artisans use knowledge passed down through the generations to hand dye this beautiful scarf with natural herbs found in nature. 100% cotton.

This yellow dye is comes from a medicinal tree bark called Prohaut. The whole process of dyeing the yarns, then weaving them into a scarf and making the tassels are all done by hand. This scarf takes about 1 week to make and both halves of the scarf have stripes of 2 different sizes, allowing for greater styling options.

Shipped By : Earth Heir
Ships From : Malaysia
Ships In : 10 Days
Custom Fee may be charged upon arrival

EARTH HEIR is a luxury craftsmanship company from Cambodia, with an exquisite collection of handcrafted fashion, and home accessories. Each piece weaves a human story, made lovingly by master craftsperson carrying the disappearing traditions of their forebears.  They use natural fibers, upcycled materials and ecofriendly dyes to craft their unique products. Earth Heir return 10% of their revenue to charities supporting trafficking survivors and plant two trees for every scarf purchased.

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