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Carina Pocket Square

INR 1,800

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7,500 light years away in the Milky Way, shines the Nebula’s brightest stars.These cold hydrogen clouds captured by NASA’s Hubble Telescope, shares the deep love for a dreamy summer afternoon.

Material: 100% Silk
5% is donated as space scholarship programs via the Indian Institute of Space & Technology.

Shipped By : MC2
Ships From : India
Ships In : 10-14 days Days
Custom Fee may be charged upon arrival

MC2 is a luxury ethical fashion label that is inspired by the other space. Each design is a beautiful and an accurate representatin of our mystical universe, captured through the hubble telescope. Our collection allows us to live infinite dreams and possibilities with a burst of colours, significant constellations and a touch of a billion years. MC2 donates 5% of its revenue as scholarships to the Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology.

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