Annabelle Furaha Tri-Circle Medallion Necklace – Blue

INR 2,508

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Furaha, or “happy” in Swahili, is exactly how we feel when wearing this necklace. Hammered from sheets of brass that are carefully cut by our women in Nairobi, our Annabelle Furaha necklace completes any outfit. Each medallion is wrapped in thinly-cut pieces of fabric creating a unique pattern and look to each and every handcrafted piece.

*Please Note: Each product is unique. Colors and patterns will vary from product images. Please see our colors image for examples of color variety.

Drop measures 7.5 in.

Shipped By : Jimani Collections
Ships From : United States of America
Ships In : 1-2 Business Days

At the heart of Jimani Collections is the desire to create a sustainable solution to poverty. It works to empower impoverished Kenyan women, who have experienced a harsh reality that few can imagine. It offer these women employment, education within product design, medium to share their african culture and the freedom to survive on their own terms. Through innovation, education, and design, Jimani Collections exists to transform and expand access to economic opportunity for artisans in underserved communities worldwide.

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