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Shipping Policy

WHITENIFE is a global pioneer for Ethical gifts. We currently house the world's largest curated portfolio of eco-friendly & socially empowering gifts for corporate & wedding gifting. It is also India's first portal to allow its customers to browse, shortlist, order samples & get instant quotations for desired quantities.

WHITENIFE currently engages in shipment only within India. Although, WHITENIFE curates products from various NGOs/ethical brands/suppliers, it manages its own shipment to its customers to ensure good quality control & service.

All samples that are ordered will be shipped within 4-5 working days. All larger quantities, have a longer lead period and vary based on quantity. We have mentioned estimated lead periods for a range of quantities for most products online. Incase, the lead period is not mentioned, or unclear, we request the customers to inquire for the lead period prior to placing any purchases. Incase, there is an unexpected delay, the customer will be informed on their contact number/email ID provided.

All samples are paid for, but the sample cost will be waived off once the final order is placed. Alternatively, if the sample is returned in good condition within 7 calendar days, WHITENIFE will credit that amount to your account via a coupon code. This coupon code will be emailed to you on your email ID provided. One may use this coupon code, to order another sample from our website.

When multiple samples have been ordered and paid for, the cost of the finalised sample, is waived off from the order placed. Other samples, can be returned within 7 calendar day. After which returns of these samples will not be accepted and no amounts will be refunded.

In order to successfully place a large quantity order with WHITENIFE, an advance payment is required to initiate the order process. Customers can either choose to make a full payment via our website, else, bank details can be provided on request, for money transfer. The lead period, packaging, shipping address and branding options will be confirmed prior to order confirmation. You may contact our team on or via +918291086144.

All shipment due for delivery post 1st of July will be subject to GST.

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