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WHITENIFE, is a global pioneer in the space of ethical fashion & ethical gifting. It currently houses the world’s largest portfolio of ethical gifts, gifts that are eco-friendly & socially empowering. Associated with over 65+ brands & NGOs, Whitenife extends its support to a spectrum of socio-environmental causes with its products, such as education, women empowerment, animal cruelty, fight against hunger, environmental degradation, water pollution, social development & disease control.


WHITENIFE is an exclusive, invite only platform, that retails curated products from various ethical brands/NGOs. We DO NOT charge our brands/NGOs any initiation fee; however, we work with them on wholesale prices model; this allows us to provide great prices to customer buying in large quantities.
Our team carefully evaluates each brand/NGO’s ethical values, its product design, quality and pricing before they are invited to join the WHITENIFE platform. We welcome brands/NGOs from different parts of India, supporting a wide variety of causes. We are proud of how we contribute to the world, and the support we provide to organizations that have set goals to make this world a better & greener place. We would love to hear about the awesome work you do! Write to us on with a short organization bio and our team will get in touch with you.


Elfh, or ‘vegan ivory’, is a PeTA certified, mineral based composite, that is 89% close to elephant ivory. The material allows for great craftsmanship and carvings with a precision of 0.1mm. WHITENIFE is well recognized for its signature Elfh Tusks, their masterpiece Ganesha and sculptural jewellery. After designing the crown for Miss World Australia in 2014, WHITENIFE began collaborating with jewellery brands around the world to make limited edition collections using Elfh. Please write to us on to explore ways in which we can collaborate on Elfh.

We vision to build a world of ethical gifts that is affordable, convenient and the future of the gifting industry.
We believe in working together, and grow by helping you grow.

Its amazing, what can be accomplished, when we are in it together!”

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