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WHITENIFE, is Asia's first platform to curate luxury ethical fashion brands & designers from around the world. The company was initially found to work with innovative, animal friendly materials. In 2015, WHITENIFE invited selected brands & designers to join our platform. It houses over 20 brands & designers from over 16 countries and ships globally.


WHITENIFE often collaborates with jewellery& watch brands around the world to make limited edition collections using Elfh- a patented, mineral based composite, that is 89% close to genuine elephant ivory. Please write to us on to explore ways in which we can collaborate on Elfh.


WHITENIFE is an exclusive, invite only platform.

Our team carefully evaluates each brand’s positioning and studies it’s ethical values, before they are invited to join the WHITENIFE platform.

We welcome brands from different parts of the world, supporting a wide variety of causes.

We would love to hear about your brand. In order to request an invitation review, please write to us with a brief on your company on


Exclusive: This is an invite only platform that will allow invited brands to present their collection and make it available purchase globally.

Zero Investment: There is no association fee to be a part of this platform but also no inventory cost that will be incurred by the brand.

Drop Shipment: In order to remain green and cost effective, Whitenife does not warehouse any products.Once an order is recieved, you will required to invoice and ship the product to your customer directly.

Access To Market: This platform will entilte you to have global access to some of the most growing markets to sustainable fashion. We will also promote our associated brands on various digital brands.

WHITENIFE houses many product categories including fine jewellery, ethical gold jewellery, apparel, and accessories. We have already begun our reviewing process for home & beauty brands. The vision of WHITENIFE is to shape the world of luxury sustainable fashion by providing a wonderful platform for the best luxury ethical fashion brands & designers around the world.

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