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1. What is WHITENIFE's vision?

WHITENIFE is Asia's first and one of the world's leading luxury ethical fashion platforms that curates brands & designers from all around the world. It visions to shape the world of sustainable fashion and allow fashion connoisseurs to adopt a more environment friendly & empowering lifestyle.

2. When was WHITENIFE founded?

Ms. Sonia Agarwal found WHITENIFE in 2012. Today it operates as a division of Donear Industries Ltd.

3. Tell us about the journey of WHITENIFE?

WHITENIFE was initially found to develop a premium, animal-friendly alternate to leather. During its research, it was introduced to Elfh- a patent registered, mineral based composite that is 89% close to genuine elephant ivory. WHITENIFE transformed to become a fashion house that worked with innovative, animal friendly materials.

In 2013, Kairos Society recognized WHITENIFE as `Top 50 most innovative companies' on the NYSE. In 2014, WHITENIFE also secured the honor to design the crown for Miss World Australia & Miss Grand Australia. Over the years WHITENIFE has become to get recognized for its signature Elfh Tusk and sculptural jewelry.

In 2015, WHITENIFE decided to extend its support to other rising socio-environmental issues and invited selected brands & designers to join our platform. It currently houses over 20 brands & designers from over 10 countries and ships globally.

4. How would you define Ethical Fashion?

Ethical Fashion is about celebrating real fashion and empowering communities. It is fashion that is designed and produced with respect for people along with the environment.

5. Why is Ethical Fashion important?

Fashion Industry is a multi-trillion dollar industry that employs millions of people. It is also the most waste producing industry after oil & gas. We believe that the dynamics of the fashion industry is changing rapidly; not only increasing number of customers and media personnel's are demanding higher transparency of the supply chain and product but also more designers and brands are understanding the importance of being sustainable. We vision, that in the coming years, stricter regulations will direct fashion corporations to a more sustainable model of working, new upcoming designers & brands will take immense pride in building brands that design and produce products with respect to people and the environment and fashion enthusiasts will embrace the possibility of transforming the world with Fashion.

6. Can luxury fashion & sustainability co-exist?

True luxury is about design, craftsmanship and heritage. Ethical Fashion is about pushing the world forward by indulging in luxury fashion.

7. What socio-environmental causes does WHITENIFE support?

WHITENIFE supports many of world's big problems today such as education, human exploitation, and loss of biodiversity, waste production, water pollution, community development and women empowerment. We currently house brands that support: 1 Artisan & Craftsmanship Conservation 2 Animal Friendly & Vegan 3 Environmentally Sustainable Materials 4 Conflict Free Mining 5 Up cycle& Zero Waste 6 Cruelty Free & Ethical 7 Women Empowerment 8 Social Development

8. Where are the brands & designers located?

We are constantly adding new promising designers and brands to our platform. Currently we have partners from over 10 countries including United States, United Kingdom, India, Spain, Greece, Morocco, Germany, Cambodia, Columbia, Sardinia and more.

9. Can all ethical fashion designers and brands be a part of the platform?

No, WHITENIFE curates brands and designers onto the platform. Although the company respects all brands and designers that are in the sustainable fashion industry, we only partner with brands & designers that exhibit excellent design sensibility, craftsmanship and true ethical values.

10. How does WHITENIFE manage its logistics while being green?

WHITENIFE's decision to operate in the drop shipment model was not only an entrepreneurial one but also a conscious way we try to continue our promise to be green and reduce our carbon footprint.

11. What is Elfh?

Elfh is a mineral- based composite, patent registered under "ELFORYN" and is designed to be 89% identical to genuine elephant ivory, both in regards to mechanical and aesthetical properties.

12.How does one commission a piece with WHITENIFE?

WHITENIFE's signature Elfh tusks and signature jewelry is often custom designed for our special clients. We work with the clients to understand their taste, requirements and their budgets and accordingly commence the design process. Once the client approves the design, the design is taken into production. The designs that we make for private collections are never revealed or re-crafted.

13.Who can I contact for customer queries?

Customers are very important to us and we try our best to make your shopping experience with WHITENIFE easy and seamless. In case there is a matter you would like to bring to our notice, you can write to us on We request you to give us 24 hours to get back to you. Although unlikely, incase you do not hear from us in that time period, you can call us on during office hours Monday- Friday 10:30AM to 6PM IST.

In case of request of return, you can submit a return request form within 48 hours of receiving the product. Please refer to the WHITENIFE return policy.

14. I am media personnel, how do I get in touch?

We will be delighted to connect with you. Please email us on We have also prepared a downloadable Press Kit that is a quick, efficient and a resourceful tool to get access to our company profile, company logo, corporate AV, press features, releases, partner brand bios and spokespersons photos.

15. I am a blogger/stylist and would like to collaborate, how do I get in touch?

We actively engage with bloggers and stylists around the world to support ethical fashion. Please email us with details on the collaboration.

16. I am a director or designer of an ethical fashion label, how do I join the platform?

Our team is continuously learning about brands & designers around the world that strive to be sustainable. After extensive research on the brand, its designs and it's positioning, WHITENIFE extends an invitation to join the platform. The brands that are curated to be a part of our platform are unique yet of a similar ethos. We welcome brands from different parts of the world, supporting a wide variety of causes. We would love to hear about your brand. In order to request a review, please write to us with a brief on your company on

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