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WHITENIFE believes that Fashion is a powerful and a beautiful medium to change the world. In our opinion, the world needs more empowerment than charity. All our brands & designers, attempt to address and solve big world problems such as access to quality education, human exploitation, waste management, women empowerment, animal conservation, environment protection, skill development, and heritage conservation. With ethicality and sustainability in our minds, we try to make this world a better place in style.

Animal Friendly & Cruelty Free

No harm caused to animals, innovative procurement processes, ahimsa silk, cruelty free cosmetics.

Craftsmanship Preservation

Handmade, revival of traditional craftsmanship, preservation of heritage, provide financial stability to artisan communities.

Up-cylcing & Zero Wastage

Innovative use of discarded materials to create superior products, recycling, environment friendly, minimize waste production.

Fair Trade & Fair Pay

Fair wages, anti-sweat shops, anti-labor exploitation, no child labor, safe working environments, gender equality.

Women Empowerment

Provide employment opportunities, support trafficking survivors, skill development, provide financial support & well being, girl child education, empowerment of women in rural areas.


Non-animal based products, faux leather, vegan ivory (elfh), Peta approved.

Social Development

Donating profits to support the underprivileged communities, environment conservation, economic development, uplifting social well being.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Natural Fibres such as bamboo & hemp, organic materials certified by GOTS & OTEX, chemical free processing, use of natural dyes.

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