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ABURY is a pioneering fashion brand, from Morocco, that combines traditional crafts with avant-garde designs; to create a new luxury style that fosters intercultural exchange. The Abury Foundation not only supports the village communities by providing them with work opportunities but also gives back the same number of education hours at the Abury School, as the number of hours taken to produce an Abury product.

An ALA MAIRI creation connects luxury design and craftsmanship. It closely works to empowers women in Pakistan and Scotland and conserve their rich traditions. AlaMairi brings to the fore the heritage of their diverse and complementary cultures in delightfully unexpected ways. Their artisans lie in the heart and soul of their vision. AlaMairi operates Women Welfare centersin Rawalpindi, Pakistan, where womencan learn traditional and intricate hand embroidery and sewing skills.

AMALENA specializes in ethical and eco-friendly gold jewelry. It designs timeless handcrafted pieces in 18ct Eco-Gold, which is extracted from mines, nestled in the Columbian mountains. The gold is mined in fair, healthy and sustainable working conditions, without the use of mercury, cyanide or any other hazardous chemicals. Amalena encourages local female goldsmiths to create unique pieces that honor their heritage and conserve their traditional craftsmanship.

ANNE WIGGINS, established in London, is a luxury company that abides by the Buddhist principle of ahimsa (non-violence). Anne Wiggins is internationally recognized for her cruelty free and animal friendly silk sleepwear. Traditional silk farmers boil the cocoons to kill the moths and harvest their cocoons; however, shefavors the rare,much more expensive, yetinfinitely more humane approach whereby moths are allowed to mature and emerge unscathed from their cocoons. She believes that luxury must be experienced everyday and ethically. Her bespoke sleepwear is made from the softest fibers of pure silk in Japan.

BEACH TO BOUDOIR is a UK based, socially conscious lifestyle brand is dedicated to empowering local communities. Inspired from the 50s, its collection is eclectic in nature with signature prints and intricate beadwork. It uses natural Oeko Tex* fabrics along with Azo free certified dyes. Beach to Boudoir, produces zero waste for the landfill, and donates all their fabric wastage to two charities in Bali “The Safe Childhood foundation” & “Bali Life Foundation”, for new design & skill development.

Chloë Haywood’s collection boasts of Hats & headpieces which are handmade sustainably from reclaimed materials. It celebrates ethical fashion by engaging in causes like up-cycling & zero waste, artisans & craftsmanship, fair trade & environmentally sustainable materials. Chloë Haywood London is a member of Ethical Fashion Forum 500 & has recently won BTAA 'Made in Britain' Fashion Accessory of the Year 2015.

CFM offers the finest artifacts from India, which is the result of their proficient synergistic partnership with 22 producer communities. They are unique and carefully crafted by skilled artisans from all over India with fair trade practices, who have kept the glorious traditions of folk and indigenous arts and crafts alive. Using a wide range of materials such as leather, metals, wood, bone, glass, cotton, silk, and hand made paper; these artisans blend the aesthetic with the utilitarian, and the spiritual with the worldly.

Stemming from the love of sports, Dreams and Doors was established to bridge the gap between practical sportswear, designer elements and the highest quality of organic and natural fiber fabrics. All garments are made in the UK with utmost respect for sustainability throughout their supply chain. Dreams and Doors' carefully selects fabrics from Portugal, India, Turkey and China, which are either Oeko-Tex and/or GOTS certified. They demand a high regard for human rights and working conditions at all their production plants.

EARTH HEIR is a luxury craftsmanship company from Cambodia, with an exquisite collection of handcrafted fashion, and home accessories. Each piece weaves a human story, made lovingly by master craftsperson carrying the disappearing traditions of their forebears. They use natural fibers, up cycled materials and eco-friendly dyes to craft their unique products. Earth Heir return 10% of their revenue to charities supporting trafficking survivors and plant two trees for every scarf purchased.

Eco Wings is an Indian brand that provides upcycled life style accessory products world wide. They have their own design house and manufacturing unit to deliver the best possible ideas. They believe in upcycle innovation and create unique experiences through their best eco ideas to cast green impact. Their aim is to reduce carbon footprint,develop fresh business opportunity,help craftsmen and rural communities,enhance lifestyle through green products,inspire young generation through green innovation, spread green awareness and also to protect wild life.

ELVIS & KRESSE was established to save London's decommissioned fire hoses. It had the vision, the design understanding and access to skilled craftspeople to introduce unique fashion accessories & bags made by upcycling firehoses from all around United Kingdom. The company donates 50% of its profits to The Fire Fighters Charity.

Indha a social Enterprise was started by Literacy India as an offshoot of Project Karigari. Into its eighth year now, Indha has touched the lives of scores of women, lifting them out of poverty and giving them a reason to smile. At Indha, women receive vocational training in sewing, tailoring, embroidery, block printing, leaf plate making, recycling and making handmade paper and all kinds of paper products. Literacy India, a non-profit under the Indian Trust Act,started operating from several centers in and around Gurgaon with a vision to empower under-privileged women and children. Now has a presence in other parts of the country as well.A group of women in villages around Gurgaon (Haryana), was set up in November 2004 and since then have trained over 6000 women. Today over 200 highly skilled women are capable of producing all kinds of products in cloth, paper and other crafted items.

The Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Association (MFPA) is an international, registered society of disabled artists, wholly owned and run by the artists themselves to meet their financial needs. Members paint with brushes held in their mouth or feet as a result of a disability sustained at birth or through an accident or illness that prohibits them from using their hands.

Indie Eco Candles started in summer 2012 with a small team of 2 amazing women and has now grown into an all women organization which makes candles. They don’t use paraffin wax which adds quality in their products making them more environmentally friendly. These candles are handcrafted with natural vegetable wax, an environmentally friendly resource. Natural wax candles, unlike regular candles, burn without emitting harmful toxins. The finest fragrance and essential oils are infused in these luxury candles and the wicks are made of cotton.

At the heart of Jimani Collections is the desire to create a sustainable solution to poverty. It works to empower impoverished Kenyan women, who have experienced a harsh reality that few can imagine. It offer these women employment, education within product design, medium to share their african culture and the freedom to survive on their own terms. Through innovation, education, and design, Jimani Collections exists to transform and expand access to economic opportunity for artisans in underserved communities worldwide.

Kaizen is a local Indian brand, founded to create awareness about the socio environmental world problems among the youth. With the unique designs on t-shirts and merchandise, we allow our customers to choose the cause they support on their purchase. The vision is to build an ethical community of like minded people to make a peaceful world.

KOKKU is a UK based luxury brand, which pledges to conserve the craft and legacy of Filigree jewelry from Sardinia that goes back to 1000 BC. It supports Sardinian artisans to continue to craft masterpieces using recycled gold and other sustainable production methods.

L-L-B is a modern fashion house based in Norway that pledges to zero-wastage. L-L-B not only uses fabrics and materials that are organic or up cycled, but also ensures zero wastage along their supply chain. Their garments are handmade in France and Norway, ensuring a sweatshop free production. L-L-B uses environment friendly ways to ship finished garments.

Lakshyam is a social enterprise that uplifts children and women of at-risk communities through education,employment and resource mobilization.

Last Forest Enterprises is a marketing initiative of Keystone Foundation which aims to add value to organic and forest based produce by adding value to lives! They help benefit primary and marginal producers, farmers, craftsman and weavers and protect their livelihoods and reservoir of artistic traditions in a sustained manner. Last Forest have organic, fair trade and PGS certified products from across India that have been value added to suite the contemporary needs of evolving India. It runs a chain of 3 stores in Tamil Nadu. It procures produce from over 60 groups across the country and supplies to over 40 retailers.

Lubb, it rhymes with love so it must be good ❤; A Canadian based socially conscious lifestyle brand. We design an inspired collection of beautiful and unique pieces that are handmade by Artisans in Peru, Morocco, Uganda, India, Indonesia, Chile and Guatemala. We fulfill our mission of creating a more flourishing world by partnering with Artisan entrepreneurs to make a positive difference in vulnerable communities.

MC2 is a luxury ethical fashion label that is inspired by the other space. Each design is a beautiful and an accurate representation of our mystical universe, captured through the hubble telescope. Our collection allows us to live infinite dreams and possibilities with a burst of colours, significant constellations and a touch of a billion years. MC2 donates 5% of its revenue as scholarships to the Indian Institute of Space Science & Technology.

Mettle - Fair Trade, an award winning fashion house based in Melbourne, is known for its fashion forward designs and innovative use of materials before its ethical production methods. Each piece of jewellery is fair trade accredited, part of a limited edition and hand made using recycled Bombshell metal & Eco Leather. The entire range is made in Combodia and Indonesia, by skilled Artisans communities registered with the Cambodian government. Mettle Fair Trade aims to bridge the gap between design and fair trade ethics. A piece of eco luxe jewellery, to be cherished for all the right reasons.

PICK is a Studio based in Jaipur,Rajasthan, India. We reconstruct old forgotten stories with a contemporary new beginning.The Studio's vision is to shape itself into a circular community of creators, connossieurs, and owners of its innovative functional art works. We are a collaboration between a Textile and Product Designer. The duo believe in creating a space where different aspects of Design come together under one roof.

SAGE LAROCK, from Los Angeles, is known for its limited edition pieces. They use sustainable materials such as organic OEKO-TEX*, recycled polyester fabrics and soft hemp. It also uses natural non-toxic and plant dyes. It operates responsibly by not engaging in water polluting or animal cruelty. The brand does not support child or slave labor. SAGE LAROCK creates beautiful and glamorous clothing that you can be proud to wear.

SLOW ARTIST is an eco-friendly brand from Spain, which is ‘Trying to Change the Fashion Rules’. It uses Organic, green and recycled materials that are certified by GOTS & OEKO-TEX*. Slow Artist, works to empower women artisans in Spain and rewards them to conserve traditional craftsmanship that of weaving, sewing and pattern making. It is truly a brand that has “Global Vision & Local Flavor”

'SPLURGE' is a PETA-certified cosmetic line, founded by Dr. Roma Thadani, with blends of nature's finest ingredients of skin lotions and potions. With a professional experience of over 6 years of consulting people with their skin and hair worries, she took a leap into entrepreneurship and came up with a line of specially curated, luxury range of products for Skin, Hair, Bath & Body which is based on aromatheraphy.

Our motto at Study is “Making Fashion without Making Waste.” To maintain socially and environmentally responsible designs, we use a variety of fabrics including: hemp, organic cotton, ethically sourced alpaca, and other recycled materials. Dyes used in these fabrics range from natural, plant/vegetable, environmentally friendly, procion low impact, and fiber reactive dyes. Products are made by female prisoners in Mexico City who are provided living wage compensation for their work.

The Akanksha Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to provide children from low-income communities with a high-quality education, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives. Akanksha works in the field of education, initiating school reform through The School Project, and providing a supplemental education through the Akanksha centers. Art has been one of the strongest co-curricular programmes within Akanksha. Funds raised through the sale of products and services goes back into funding the art program in the Akanksha network of schools.

The Initiative handcrafts functional, well-designed products that provide sustainable livelihoods.

The Upcycle Project, is passionate about changing perceptions around waste and making it fun and acceptable. They hope to inspire creativity and boundless imagination while looking at unrecylable waste in urban homes, through well designed and high utility products that are affordable. At the moment, they primarily work with waste vinyl records to make cool gifting and decor products. Vinyl Records are made from a toxic plastic called PVC, which is otherwise not recyclable. The idea is to give this waste a second life for your home.

TOFU is a clothing brand that is both stylish and conscious at the same time. Not only is it fashionable; it helps employ and reintegrate victims of sex trafficking and gives them hope for a brighter future where they are truly free.

The vision behind TRASH4FLASH is to highlight the power and beauty of up cycled jewelry and promote a more ethical approach towards fashion. It designs fashion forward art jewelry for today’s modern woman. All pieces are designed and handcrafted in Greece.

Upfuse is a social enterprise, originally found in Cairo, Egypt, that promotes eco-conscious lifestyles by designing and producing everyday bags that love and respect earth and people. Every material used in making our products are either environmentally friendly, or locally produced, promoting the skills and talents of local artisans and supporting local NGOs such as “Roh El Shabab” in Egypt with social responsibility, and transparency in production and working conditions.

WHITENIFE, with its motto to “Save With Elegance”, was initially found to be a fashion house that worked with innovative, animal friendly materials. In 2013, WHITENIFE introduced Elfh- a patented, PETA certified, mineral based composite that is 89% close to genuine elephant ivory. The company is recognized for its bespoke and intricate Elfh Tusks and sculptural jewelry. WHITENIFE takes pride in its understanding of design, and craftsmanship. Intricate carvings and The company had the honor to design the crown for Miss World Australia.

Print and Fashion Designer Elizabeth-Yemi Akingbade founded Yemzi™ in 2013 with a small range of printed t-shirts on graduation from the prestigious University of The Arts London. She embraces female empowerment by working with groups of skilled females from social enterprises and marginalised backgrounds and focuses on quality over quantity designing the timeless style. Safe sustainable materials such as azo free dyes, GOTs certified organic cotton and lenzing modal are used.

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