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ANNE WIGGINS, established in London, is a luxury company that abides by the Buddhist principle of ahimsa (non-violence). Anne Wiggins is internationally recognized for her cruelty free and animal friendly silk sleepwear. Traditional silk farmers boil the cocoons to kill the moths and harvest their cocoons; however, shefavors the rare,much more expensive, yetinfinitely more humane approach whereby moths are allowed to mature and emerge unscathed from their cocoons. She believes that luxury must be experienced everyday and ethically. Her bespoke sleepwear is made from the softest fibers of pure silk in Japan.

INR 19,980
Brand : Anne Wiggins
INR 13,320
Brand : Anne Wiggins
INR 16,650
Brand : Anne Wiggins
INR 14,430
Brand : Anne Wiggins
INR 13,320
Brand : Anne Wiggins
INR 15,170
Brand : Anne Wiggins

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