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WHITENIFE is the world's leading pioneer of ethical gifting, housing 500+ eco-friendly & socially empowering gifts. A company found in 2012 by Ms. Sonia Agarwal Bajaj, WHITENIFE attempts to transform the fragmented gifting industry in India with its portal and make gifting easy & more meaningful for corporate gifting & wedding favours.

WHITENIFE is also India's first online platform that allows its customers to browse, shortlist, request for samples and get instant quotations for desired quantities. With 500+ products ranging from INR.50 – INR. 35,000, and 150+ gifting options under INR.500, it has become the ‘one-stop-shop’ for gifts.

Associated with 65+ brands & NGOs WHITENIFE extends its support to a spectrum of socio-environmental causes with its products, such as education, women empowerment, animal cruelty, fight against hunger, environmental degradation, water pollution, social development & disease control.

Some of WHITENIFE’s best selling products include, luxury eco-friendly candles, gourmet edibles like chocolate coated almonds, BBQ flavored Makhana and cruelty-free honey, laptop bags made with recycled PET bottles, jute & vegan fashion accessories, seed pens, eco-friendly stationary and desk organizers, assorted herbal teas, space inspired scarves, gotha jewelry, chemical-free fragrances & silver plated artifacts. It is constantly expanding its product range to adapt to the new gifting trends and innovation.

According to Sonia Agarwal Bajaj, “We believe that gifts should be a reflection of a family’s and/or company’s philosophy and an extension of their brand communication. Currently the gifting industry is very chaotic, we aim to make gifting easy and convenient for our customers. Moreover, the platform blends sustainability, creative design, technology and innovation to provide gifting solutions that will transform the world of gifting.”


WHITENIFE will continue to be a leading pioneer of ethical gifting. It will showcase curated responsible gifts that help conserve the environment, empower communities and positively impact the world we live in.


Our mission is to create a world of ethical gifts that are affordable, convenient & the future of the gifting industry. #MakingGiftingEasy


2017- Re-launched their online portal with curated ethical gifts for corporate & wedding gifts. The portal is India’s first gifting platform that allowed its customers to browse, shortlist, request samples, and get instant quotations.

2016- Launched World’s largest portfolio of Ethical gifts targeting corporates.

2015- Launched Asia’s largest marketplace for ethical fashion brands with 35+ brands from 16 countries.

2014- Designed the crown for Miss World Australia & Miss Grand Australia

2014: Certified by PeTA

2013- Titled Top 50 most innovative companies in the world on the NYSE by Kairos Society.

2012- Acquired exclusive rights to Elfh, a patented, mineral based composite that is 89% close to genuine elephant ivory.

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